Proces recenzji

1. Papers for the subsequent issues of semi-annual Geography and Tourism are collected in terms of:
- by 30 January of each year (number 1),
- by 30 June each year (number 2).
2. In a case where we do not complete list of papers for the publication of a next issue, publishing process may be extended.
3. The submitted texts will be proofread and a subject to formal editorial evaluation (e.g. in terms of the statistical methods used).
4. The Editor reserves the right to correct minor linguistic and factual errors.
5. The text of the article is sent to at least two reviewers (according to the principle of "double-blind review process"), which establishes Editors - in order to avoid conflicts of interest (personal relationships, in particular affinity to the second degree, marriage), reporting relationships or professional direct scientific cooperation in the past two years preceding the year of preparation reviews) electronically with reviews sheet, after removal of the data identifying the author(s).
6. The process of reviewing the text takes up to 6 weeks, then, after receiving a signed review (in paper or electronic form) reviewed text is sent to the author via the Editor (to avoid recognition of identity of reviewers by the author/s) in order to correct any errors.
7. The authors respond the reviewers for their comments within the 3 weeks deadline from the date of receipt of the information about the review.
8. Review contains an unambiguous conclusion concerning the conditions of admission of the article for publication or reject it. In the case of non-admission article for publication, the author(s) receive information from the Editors with a written explanation of the reason.
9. Paper’s printouts  along with it’s reviews will remain in documentation of the Editor.
10. In the event of acceptance of the manuscript, author(s) transmit copyright for the magazine Geography and Tourism.
11. With the adoption of the manuscript, author(s) undertake to comply with the provisions of the Civil Code - Law on Copyright and Related Rights. 
12. Review Form that contains the eligibility criteria for the publication of the article is available on the website of Geography and Tourism.