State of plasma hemostasis in patients with hypertension in combination with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

N. Bazhenova


Background. Among liver diseases, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is the most common. NAFLD is an independent risk factor for the development and progression of cardiovascular diseases. Objective. To determine the state of the anticoagulant, fibrinolytic and coagulation hemostasis in patients with hypertension and concomitant non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in the presence of obesity. Materials and methods. 150 patients (64 men and 86 women) were examined. Groups of patients: I - 50 patients with HT stage 2, II - 48 patients with NAFLD without HT, group III - 52 patients who had HT stage 2 with concomitant NAFLD. Results. PT value decrease in the NAFLD group by 12.2% (p<0.01). The level of TT is reduced by 16.2% (p<0.001) in the group with NAFLD. APTT decreases in patients with NAFLD by 13.3% (p<0.001) and when combined with NAFLD with hypertension by 13.6% (p<0.05). Fibrinogen increases in the HT group by 31.5% (p<0.001), and in the NAFLD group combined with HT - by 39.8% (p<0.001). SFMK levels significantly increase in all groups of patients: in patients with hypertension - 4.9 times (p<0.001), with NAFLD - 3 times (p<0.001), in the NAFLD+HT group - 5.3 times (p<0.001). There is a decrease in AT III by 16.4% in both the HT group (p<0.01) and the NAFLD group (p<0.01), combined pathology leads to more significant inhibition AT III - by 20.3% (p<0.001). HDF increases in the HT group - by 47% (p<0.001), in the NAFLD group - by 78% (p<0.001), in the NAFLD + HT group - 2.4 times (p<0.001).). Conclusions. In hypertension combined with NAFLD, depletion of anticoagulant and fibrinolytic potential against the background of activation of coagulant hemostasis, indicate the presence of prothrombogenic changes.


non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, hemostasis, hypertension, anticoagulant, fibrinolysis, coagulation

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