Modern technologies of development and correction violations of coordination abilities of children with hearing impairments in the process of physical education

Sergiy Dus


Topicality. One of the peculiarities of the development of a modern state is not only the reformation and improvement of the economic sphere, politics and material welfare of citizens, but also the patronage and care of people who have deviations of their health. The level of care for people with deviations of health is a measure of the general development of any country in the world, especially regarding the treatment of people with special needs. The democratization of society in Ukraine has led to the need for significant changes in the educational process, including special education.

Objectives of the study: To analyze and systematize modern scientific and methodological knowledge and the results of practical experience of domestic and foreign researchers on the development of technologies for development and correction of violations of coordination abilities of children with hearing impairments in the process of physical education.

 Research results. In the case of partial or complete loss of hearing among schoolchildren, first of all the development of physical qualities, particularly of coordination abilities, slows down. Violation of the auditory analyzer affects the work of the vestibular and kinesthetic apparatus, which is accompanied by a delay in the formation of the uprightness, muscular tone disorders and impairment of the ability to maintain body balance, underdevelopment of spatial orientation, complications in the differentiation of motor sensations and difficulties with coordination exercises. The theory and methods of physical education have recently been enriched with a large number of scientific data devoted to the development, improvement and correction of coordination abilities in children with hearing impairments. There is a large number of scientific works which can be divided into two groups: those aimed at the development of coordination abilities and those aimed at the correction of the violations in schoolchildren with hearing impairments.

Conclusions. The analysis of special scientific and methodological literature made it possible to state that a number of scientific studies carried out by authors in the field of adaptive physical education are only of fragmentary nature and solve the problems that were stated by the authors themselves. At the same time, research aimed at the development and improvement of the vertical stability of the body of junior schoolchildren with sensory impairments require further continuation in the light of modern biomechanical technologies.


adaptive, physical, education, schoolchildren, coordination, abilities

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